50 Easy Uke Chord-Solos is a wonderful resource for players and teachers of all levels.

- James Hill, Virtuoso Ukulele Performer

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You want chord-solo playing to be as uncomplicated as possible.

Most ukulele players are strummers – accompanying their own singing.  The more advanced players, not content to just strum, become hooked on chord-solo playing.

The transition from strumming to playing chord-solos is challenging for most uke players, because it is difficult to know how and where to begin – where to find the uncomplicated steps – and the solo material.

This method book makes that transition easier by selecting the easiest possible melodies one can find for the ukulele.  The book is a collection of 50 solos and various exercises, carefully selected, arranged (or composed) to assist that strummer who wants to advance to the chord-melody-solo player level.  Our book of 50 EASY UKE CHORD-SOLOS includes:

1.   Thirty-five very familiar songs, chosen for their simple structure – melody and chords.

2.   Fifteen original songs composed by the author and designed to be as easy as possible for the inexperienced chord-solo player.

3.   A compact disk of all of the solos, (songs) performed by the talented ukulele virtuoso, James Hill.  (You’re hearing one of his renditions as you read this.) This enclosed disk is especially important in acquainting the student with the afore-mentioned original solos, with which the reader will not be familiar.

4.   A low G-string for those who are accustomed to the high G-string (re-entry tuning). For further information on the low G-string usage, turn to the page entitled “YOU”LL FIND THE SOLOS EASY – HERE’S WHY”

The best method book for learning uke chord solos