50 Easy Uke Chord-Solos is a wonderful resource for players and teachers of all levels.

- James Hill, Virtuoso Ukulele Performer

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1.   EASY TO LEARN SONGS:  We begin with bugle calls (one-chord songs), then use a number of folk songs which are based on two chords.

2.   MOST FAMILIAR KEYS:  You’ll find many of the easiest, most familiar keys (F,G,C, and Bb) which you are used to using on the ukulele.

3.   LOW G-String:  We use the lower G-string (4th string, an octave lower than the standard uke 4th string) which expands the range of the ukulele.  A bonus low G-string is included with your purchase of the book.

4.   EASY CHORD PATTERNS:  Using fewer and easier chord patterns enables the player to more easily learn the first solo, and then to go on to the next song with greater ease and confidence.

5.   SONGS WITH AN EASY RANGE:  Songs that have a range of just one octave, or less, are easier.  HOME ON THE RANGE (Which you are hearing as you read this page) has only an octave range, and FINLANDIA, and AURA LEE (LOVE ME TENDER), with less than an octave range, are great examples.

6.   A CD OF THE 50 SOLOS, PERFORMED BY JAMES HILL, is included with the purchase of the book.

7.   EASY NOTE-FINDER SYSTEM: We also use a unique and simple method of locating the single notes which appear between chord tones.

The best method book for learning uke chord solos