50 Easy Uke Chord-Solos is a wonderful resource for players and teachers of all levels.

- James Hill, Virtuoso Ukulele Performer

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·      RHYTHM—IT’S EASY:  139 duets for learning rhythm, to be played with your computer playing one (either) of the voices.  It begins with the simplest rhythms—quarter notes and half notes, at any tempo of your choice.  Fits the range of all ukes.  Comes with a CD of all duets for either PC computers or Macs (using Garage Band files). 

·      UKE-TIPS an E-Magazine published monthly, with   tips to simplify the process of learning to play the uke.  E-mail us at gerrylong@cox.net to get on the email list.

·      Some hints on chord progressions.  There are four or five very commonly used chord progressions which appear repeatedly in songs.  Familiarity with these progressions makes playing the ukulele much easier.

·      Knowing the importance of the 7th chord and how it dominates our music.  Seventeen ways to embellish the seventh chord, and how to make your accompaniments more interesting.


The best method book for learning uke chord solos